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From the beginnings in 1996 through the web unveiling in 1999, share the story of The Survivor Art Gallery, find out what the term "survivor art" means, and more. Information you can use including our criteria for listing art on this site. Find out more by clicking on the article title above.

What is outsider art and how does this style/term relate to survivor art? There is plenty of misleading information on the web but you can get the facts on outsider art in this article. Read this piece by clicking on the article title above. -- Christa Haight


Online art auctions have become a popular place for bargain-hunters looking for art that has investment potential. But the honest emerging artists who offer their works for auction sometimes seem overwhelmed by assembly-line art knock-offs and unscrupulous and even fraudulent sellers who prowl online auctions looking for unsuspecting victims. -- M. Malveaux


If you've shopped for art online, you've seen the pitch. The headlines proclaim: "hand-painted," "Real Oil Painting," "real painting, not a print," and occasionally even something along the lines of "Signed Wyeth" or some other artist with a familiar name. And the prices are incredible - almost too good to be true. But like a magic trick, these works are only impressive until you find out the truth. -- Dr. Robert Porter

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